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Loris’ experience in structural testing is substantial and spans from the coupon and component level through to the full airframe.

He was the manager (1998-2003) of the F/A-18 aft fuselage FT46 International Follow-On Structural Test Project (IFOSTP), a collaborative venture with the Canadian Forces and RAAF. This project was particularly challenging, as it was the world’s first simultaneous application of fighter aircraft manoeuvres loads and aerodynamic buffeting. During this period IFOSTP was awarded the prestigious Von Karman award. In addition, Loris was involved in the CT4 & Pc9 Trainer aircraft, Hawk Mk127 and F111 wing fatigue tests as well as the being responsible for the conduct and interpretation of the extensive F-111 wing pivot fitting composite reinforcement doubler validation tests. He also conceived and managed the Hornet centre-barrel fatigue testing program where upwards of 18 ex-service wing attachment sections were tested.

Amongst the many coupon tests, Loris has conducted arguably the most comprehensive testing program for Aluminium Alloy 7050 under multiple fighter manoeuvre loading sequences (or spectra). Here up to 6 specimens were tested under six spectra at up to five different stress levels. He was also involved in the world’s first coupon testing series to investigate the “new phenomenon” of multiple crack growth and interaction which contributed to the recovery of the wide-body jet fleet subsequent to the infamous Aloha Airlines 737 incident.

Loris has also managed aspects of several warhead effectiveness and structural vulnerability trails at Woomera in SA.