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Mr Molent has actively participated in the field investigation of significant aircraft accidents since 1990. He has a certificate of achievement in aircraft accident and incident investigation from the University of Griffith. Investigations include:

  • Failure investigation of the wing leading edges from P3C aircraft ditched into lagoon on Cocos Island, April 1991,
  • RAAF B707 (A20-103) wreckage examination East Sale Oct 1991,
  • Wreckage examination of F/A-18 (A21-106) at Shoalwater Bay, May 1992,
  • Uncontrolled landing accident of Kiowa Helicopter at Oakey QLDS, March 1993,
  • Wreckage examination of F-111C (A8-127) accident at Guyra in Sept 1993,
  • Heavy landing incident of a Squirrel helicopter (A22-024) at Fairburn ACT in April 1994,
  • US Marine F/A-18D wreckage examination at Delemere NT, Aug 1998,
  • F-111G (A8-291) crash investigation at Palau Aur, Malaysia, April 1999,
  • Squirrel helicopter (N22-011) rotor failure accident, Wagga Wagga, May 2001,
  • IL-76 accident investigation, East Timor, Feb 2003.
  • Caribou incidents at  Efogi PNG Oct 2008 and Townsville Sept 2009.

Loris has also published material for a short course on aircraft accident and incident investigation, and emergency management for Swinburne University. He regularly lectures there on these topics and has also lectured for the Southern California Safety Institute (Australian Division) and the Australian Aviation Safety Management group.

Loris can tailor a course for your organisational needs.