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My Story

Loris Molent AM graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He commenced employment at the then Aeronautical Research Laboratories in 1984, and has worked in the fields of aircraft structural integrity, structural mechanics, structural & fatigue testing, advanced bonded repair, aircraft vulnerability & aircraft accident investigation. He has over 280 publications in these technical areas and is a qualified aircraft accident investigator. He has been attached to both the then Civil Aviation Department (1985) and the US Navy (NAVAIR, 1990-1991) in Washington D.C. as an airworthiness engineer. In 1997 Mr Molent’s research work was assessed as the equivalent to a PhD and was promoted to Senior Research Scientist.

In 1998 he went on to complete a certificate in Scientific Leadership. Until recently he was the Defence Science and Technology Group’s Head of Emerging Aircraft Structural Integrity. Loris is also an accomplished and engaging public speaker & lecturer in his technical areas of expertise. He is married to Catherine and has two children (Natasha and Alexander) and lives happily in Melbourne Australia.

L. Molent has advised military and aerospace professionals world over and was responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars savings in avoided structural refurbishment and increased safe, economic flight hours for Australian Defence Force fleets.

Loris is now available to assist your organisation.


Management Positions:

He has been project manager of:

  • F111 Wing Pivot Fitting Boron Reinforcement Development 
  • F111 Structural Integrity 
  • Missile Warhead Effectiveness Trials
  • Aircraft Accident Investigation Team
  • F/A-18 Fatigue Life Assessment and Structural Integrity 
  • Structural Integrity Combat & Trainer Aircraft 
  • International Follow On Structural Test Project (IFOSTP) Program Manager
  • Total Life Prognostic Fatigue Models Team

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